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In the domestic area,there has another call of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Machine.And it has also been named as Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Machine when China Building Material Machinery Association have granted the China Sand-Stone Association to draw up the industry standard .The principle PCL Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Machine adopts is put forward by the US expert Pamenhe and there also have various products name .While we have usually call it Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Machine in our domestic market,and now it has been applied in the mid- fine crushing mining over 30 years history.

Application of PCL Series Crusher Machine

PCL Series Crusher Machine produced by Shanghai Shenbang Group are suitable for crushing and shaping the soft,mid and extreme hard materials .And it has found its extensive use in the ores,cement,fire-proof,glass,silicon carbide,and bauxitechamotte ,especially in the mid&fine field of more and most hard materials .More application have been found in the mechnical construction sand ,stone and other various metallurgy slag crushing ,which has more efficieny than other type of crushing machine .
In the project area, PCL Series Crusher Machine is an ideal production equipment for the aggregates of mechanism sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete.
In the mining area, PCL Series Crusher Machine has been widely applied in the pre-grinding crafts ,which can produce plenty of powder mines ,thus reducing the high-cost mining load.
With low consumpition wearing , PCL Series Crusher Machine has also been adopted by the high erosion and second crushing production.What’s more ,with the feature of no pollution to the products , PCL Series Crusher Machine can better fit for the production of the Glass and quartzs sand and other high purity materials production.With the production range of 10-500t/h, PCL Series Crusher Machine can almostly satisfy any production requirements .

PCL Series Crusher Machine Main Features and Benefits

1. Simple structure and low operating cost
2. High efficiency and low consumption
3. Sand Making Machine has the function of fine crush and crude grinding
4. Slightly influenced by the moisture content of material, and the max moisture content is 8%
5. More suitable for crushing mid-hardness and high-hardness materials
6. Cubic shape of final products, high density of piling up and low iron pollution
7. More wearable and easy maintenance
8. Low working noise and light dust pollution

Working Principle of PCL Series Crusher Machine

Raw materials fall down into the feeding hopper, and then they are divided into two divisions by the classifier. One part enters the high speed impeller and then they will be accelerated and thrown out from the impeller,whose speed can reach hundreds of acceleration,then is shot through the tunels around the impeller by the speed of 60-70m/s. First the materials will impact with some materials falling around classifier and then impact togetherly on the vortex liner and are rebounded to the top of vortex cavity ,and falling down with direction changing. The falling materials with the shoot materials form a continuous materials curtain. After several this kind of repeating ,this course will form many times of closed circling line and the final materials will be discharged from the discharging opening when the size have reached the standard the screening equipment set.During the circling closed line ,the materials will be crushed below 20 item after 3 kind of this circling.What’s more ,the materials will crush with each other with no direct touch with the metal components . On the contrary,they will crush and grind with the material liner,which will reduce the pollution and extend the mechnical service life.And there also has its own air circulation in the vortex cavity,which have reduced the dust pollution.


pcl crusher machinepcl crusher machine


PCL Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher machine Specifications and Parameters:

Model Max. feeding (mm) Power(Kw) Impeller speed (r/min) Capacity
Outer dimension
PCL-600 26 2×30 2000/2600 8-50 3300×1500×2050 5.4
PCL-750 35 2×45 1500/2500 25-55 3300×1800×2440 7.3
PCL-900 30 2×(55-75) 1300/1700 55-120 3600×2140×2620 12.1
PCL-900B 40 2×(75-110) 1000/1450 60-150 3600×2140×2620 13.6
PCL-1050 40 2×(90-110) 1000/1700 100-160 4480×2450×3906 16.9
PCL-1250 40 2×132 950/1200 100-200 4520×2640×3100 22
PCL-1350 60 2×220 800/1200 160-360 5300×2900×3200 26

Note: This specification is just for reference, any changes are subject to the products.


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